We make canopies according to your measurements so send us an email to get the cost estimate. We offer either just the linen tarpaulins or complete sets including poles, ropes and metal pegs. 

Please note that our canopies provide primarily sun protection. The fabric is not chemically impregnated and remains waterproof only when pitched at a steep angle. If you let rainwater gather on the top of the canopy, the material might start leaking. To use your canopy during rain, pitch it in a similar way to a tent – properly stretched with the roof angle not less than 45°.

When designing your own canopy, take into consideration that they are sewn together out of 1 m wide panels. The anchoring should always follow the direction of the seams, otherwise you might pull the stitches apart which can result in leaking. Keep in mind that the weight of the fabric doubles almost when wet so plan a proper wooden construction, when you decide to prepare it on your own.

This is how you can put up your canopy:

This model will cope with a drizzle, but not a heavy rainstorm.
In the photos this model is shown open to protect you against the sun. To stay dry during a rainstorm, you just clap down the front part creating a sort of A-tent.