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Medieval Clothing
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The majority of tents offered here are reconstructions of tenth - fifteenth century military tents, based on historical and iconographical sources. They are characterized by simple constructions and medium sizes, which make them easy to transport and put up.

The tents are available in two basic shapes; in a variety of sizes and with a different entrance construction. There is a possibility of ordering an additional awning to models 1, 2, 4 and 5 or separate canopies of various shapes and sizes. I realize also individual orders according to the wishes of the customer. I will gladly undertake sewing tents from other periods than the Middle Ages.

The tents are made out of thick, waterproof material; therefore they do not require any extra impregnation. The fabric used for their production is grey or bleached white linen or creamy-white cotton.

The tents and canopies are machine-sewn with synthetic thread. There is also a possibility of sewing them by hand with linen thread, if wanted. All tents and canopies come with a solid timber construction and a set of wooden pegs.