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Medieval Clothing
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Construction and fabric


Our historical tents are made out of thick, watertight material; therefore they do not require any extra impregnation. The fabric used for their production is grey canvas (c. 600gr/m2) or creamy-white cotton (c. 350gr/m2).

When you are considering ordering a tent with an awning, please keep in mind that our awnings and canopies provide primarily sun protection. The fabric is not chemically impregnated and remains waterproof only when pitched at a steep angle. If you let rainwater gather on the top of the awning, it might start leaking. Therefore during a heavy rain it is advised to lower the awning of type 4 or close the tent completely.


Tent poles and wooden pegs are included in the tent set. The wooden pegs are considered a starter kit and usually last one season. Additionally we can provide extra strong metal pegs. Price - 3.50 EUR/peg.



With the exception of the pavilion all the poles used for our tents are pine or spruce fresh from the forest. They are peeled, relatively dry and not impregnated. The poles will continue to dry when in your possession so do not be worried if some cracks appear. They do not compromise the wood strength.

The connection between the horizontal and the vertical poles in tents type 1 - 5.


The horizontal pole is divided in tents type 1 - 4-large. The vertical pole is divided in cones 4 – 6 and pavilion. On request we can also divide other poles; price - 8 EUR/pole. The poles are cut diagonally and connected by a metal tube.


The connection between the pole and the wooden top in cones and pavilion. Please note that the top is not treated - you should oil or paint it according to taste. ATTENTION! The wooden top should go through the opening in the tarpaulin not rest on top of it!