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Medieval Clothing
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Medieval Clothing

Although my personal interests concentrate on the Viking Age and the late fifteenth century, I am able to make clothing from all periods of the Middle Ages.

Having been making clothes since 2001, I have gained a lot of experience and a great deal of practice that enables me to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. As I lay stress on authenticity, you can be certain that all my medieval clothing reconstructions are based on contemporary pictorial evidence, various archeological finds and primary and secondary literary sources.

Since I am a tailor not a merchant, I do not have many ready clothes in stock. I work to order, sewing clothes out of the material provided by the client. It is a great advantage, as it gives you the freedom of choice for your own design, colour and decoration. Therefore, you can be entirely sure that the clothing prepared for you is extraordinary and unique. However, you have to keep in mind that for the late medieval clothing, given the fact that it is very tight fitting, at least one meeting for taking accurate measurements will be necessary.

The garments are partially machine-made. All the visible seams, buttons, eyelets and decoration are made by hand. There is also a possibility of ordering clothing made completely by hand.

The clothes presented below are exemplary patterns of garments that you can order. If you are interested in ready-made stuff, check my extra offer.

Early Medieval Clothing
Late Medieval Clothing