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Medieval Clothing
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Medieval Clothing  

Male attire till 11th cen.


The clothes presented below are just some examples of the work I have done so far. If you haven't found the thing you are looking for, please contact me – I'm always interested in trying new things out. For ready-to-wear garments, check my extra offer.

All the clothing is prepared according to your wishes and measurements - you can choose the colour, fabric and ornaments yourselves.

The prices quoted below are for machine-sewing, with all visible stitching and embroidery made by hand. Naturally, you can order garments made entirely by hand (prices on enquiry). To the price of each garment you have to add the material costs; wool - c. 15-30 EUR/m, linen - c. 10 EUR/m. You can also provide your own fabric.

Don't forget to check our Accessories section - there you will find a wide variety of caps, hoods and bags etc.


1. Underwear:
- linen braies. Price - 40 EUR (+ c.1,5m linen)
- linen shirt. Proce - 45 EUR (+c. 1,5m linen)


2. Woolen chausses. Price - 50 EUR (+ c. 1m wool)


3. Rus-trousers. Price - 50 EUR (+ c.2m wool)


4. Plain clothing:
- linen tunic. Price - 60 EUR (+ c.1,5m linen)
- woolen tunic with woolen trimmings. Price - 705 EUR (+ c.2m wool) Price - 65 EUR (+ c.2m wool)


5. Plain woolen tunic. Price - 60 EUR (+c. 2m wool)


6. Plain woolen tunic. Price - 60 EUR (+c. 2 m wool)


7. woolen tunic decorated with edging and woolen stitching. Price - 100 EUR (+ c.2m wool)


8. Woolen tunic decorated with tabletwoven braid. Price - c. 125 EUR (+ c.2m wool)


9. Woolen tunic with embroidery based on Mammen finds. Price - c. 190 EUR. (+ c. 2m wool)


10. Woolen tunic decorated with comb-woven braid. Price - 85 EUR (+ c.2m wool)