Type 3

Type 3 – arched entrance  (centre or side) – is available in three sizes:


Height – 2m
Width – 3m
Length – 5.5m
Distance between the poles – c. 2,3m

Price – 630 €


Height – 2.2m
Width – 3.5m
Length – 6.1m
Distance between the poles – c. 2,4m

Price – 735 €


Height – 2.5m
Width – 4m
Length – 6.8m
Distance between the poles – c. 2.6m

Price – 880 €

Ask us about other sizes.

For this type you can order a side entrance (30 €/small, 32 €/medium and 35€/large) or smoke vents (no additional cost). Here we also offer an additional awning. The price includes 2 poles and necessary ropes. If you’re thinking about an awning, please read more about it under OUR TENT LINEN.

Type 3-small with an additional awning: