Our linen canvas

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Our tents are made of robust linen canvas, weighing about 600gr/ m². The thick and densely-woven fabric does not require any chemical impregnation –  thanks to the steep roof angle the tents remain completely watertight.

The fabric almost doubles in weight when wet. Take it into account when developing your own design.

When you opt for a tent with an awning, keep in mind that they they are designed to provide primarily sun protection. When rainwater gathers on top of the awning, the material might start leaking. A light rain should not cause problems. However, during heavy rainstorms you should lower your awning (also for tent type 4) to facilitate the flow of water off the fabric.

Linen, made from flax plant fibres, is a natural product, and therefore, needs a bit looking after.

How to look after your new linen tent:

When you pitch the tent (especially for the first time), don’t stretch the fabric to its limits. Linen shrinks slightly when wet. It stretches again when dry.

Avoid placing furniture or other pieces of equipment directly against the tent wall. The prolonged friction might cause the fabric to leak.

Dry your tent out properly after every use and always store it in a dry place.

Remember that as all natural products the fabric will change its appearance through exposure to the elements – it will become brighter and loose its stiffness.